Rexus Victocora

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Rexus cuts a striking figure, with his angular features and dusky skin accentuated by a handsome
goatee and broad smile. His boisterous charm seems to fill any room, despite his slight stature, but
recent events have weighed heavily upon him.

Gruppens første samtale med Rexus efter at han blev reddet i gryden.

“Tusind tak endnu engang for den perfekt timet redning. Sandheden er vores møde var ikke tilfældigt. Jeg fulgte jer under optøjerne tidligere, men med al den panik mistet jeg synet af jer.
I har virkelig vist at i er folk af rette støbning, og god støbning er lige hvad jeg mangler.
Mit navn er Rexus Victocora, og indtil sidste uges Askernes Nat, var jeg en af byen noble. Mine forældres gods blev brændt ned den nat.. Jeg slap kun af sted med livet i behold fordi jeg brugte hele aftenen på biblioteket. Der var mange andre nedbrændinger på Askernes Nat som i sikkert har hørt, brænde som mange tror var Barzillai og hans håndlangere som har startet i et forsøg på at knuse Kintargo’s rebelske ånd, den smule som er tilbage.
Nu, mere end noget andet tidspunkt, har byen brug for rebeller som kan være stærke, både fysisk men også vække byens rebelske ånd i folket. Men Thrunes handlinger har drevet alle væk eller fået dem til at gå i skjul. Folk som vores gamle borgmester, Jilia Bainilus og mine forældre kunne have vækket folks gejst igen, men de er forsvundet eller sikkert døde. Jeg kan ikke klare den her burde alene, men med hjælp fra stærke borgere som jer, er der en chance! Vil i hjælpe Kintargo? Vil i rede byen for djævlen?!
Dagen efter Askernes Nat blev jeg opsøgt af en dame ved navn, som var en min mors kontakter. Hun gav mig det min mor havde efterladt, som er det sidste jeg ejer og dette brev, som er hendes sidste besked til mig.”
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When Rexus Victocora began his journey from young noble to revolutionary, he wanted nothing more than for everyone else to experience the relative safety of his aristocratic upbringing. He felt that no one should ever worry where the next meal would come from or whether walking home by night would be a life-ending mistake. Reared in Kintargo’s posh noble circles, Rexus never questioned his own security until it was suddenly snatched away. Raised for years as a fiery and exuberant young lady thanks to the circumstances of his birth, Rexus discovered his future was far more moldable than he ever realized after meeting a Shelynite tutor who migrated between sexes as other people might migrate between nations. This insight led Rexus to a way of growing up he’d always coveted but never imagined possible. But while his parents embraced their newly revealed son, the news scandalized their stodgy social circles. With his old friends gone and even his physical safety threatened on occasion, Rexus formed new social circles from eclectic sources: musicians, servants, tutors, and even street urchins. He shuddered to see his new friends enduring on a daily basis the same insecurities to which he had only recently been exposed. Rexus’s parents, Aneran and Porcia Victocora, gave their son room to develop his own philosophies. They valued knowledge and personal freedom—with just enough distant oversight—over blind indoctrination. After an adolescence spent stumbling through a dozen causes, Rexus finally decided to enlist in the secret society to which his parents belonged: the Sacred Order of Archivists. Sadly, as Rexus was returning home from his studies at the Alabaster Academy, eager to announce his intentions to join his mother, the sight of a plume of smoke and fire rising from the Greens threw him into a panic. Upon arriving at his family estate, he found the manor engulfed in flames and the site under control of a large number of soldiers wearing the colors of House Thrune. At that moment, Rexus made a decision that haunts him still, yet which doubtless saved his life. Rather than race into the fire or reveal himself to the soldiers, he fled into the city to hide and mourn. The next evening, Rexus crept through Kintargo on the first official night of its new curfew. He came to the still-smoking ruins of his family home and sifted through the rubble, hoping for clues, but found nothing more than evidence that others had scoured the place already for anything of value. Only the lack of any physical remains gave him hope that his family and the manor staff may have somehow, miraculously, survived. Over the days that followed, Rexus did what research he could to learn more, but no sign of his parents ever surfaced. Finally, cold and hungry, he received an offer of aid from one of his mother’s friends, Laria Longroad. The halfling was overjoyed to see Rexus alive, and not only took him into her house, but revealed something startling to him: his mother had left him an inheritance, as if she had foreseen the tragedy.
Rexus is a charming and insightful man, blessed with a handsome face, good health, and a keen wit. Now more than ever, Rexus needs the support of those around him to be able to enjoy those gifts. Though agreeable, he is also stubborn, unwavering from his goals. The fiery passion of youth drives him to fix the world’s problems, but the lumps he took in adolescence remind him of his limitations just enough to keep him from becoming overbearing. He reads aloud without realizing it, pushes his books onto others, and otherwise barely restrains his excitement over new discoveries—all traits inherited from his father. Though saddled with a weak constitution that has haunted him since a childhood bout with sickness, Rexus boils over with a courage and initiative both his parents lacked. Despite his power-to-the-people philosophy, Rexus prefers to dress in clothes befitting his highborn station, and never appears without a tailored coat, polished boots, and his trusty cane. He has a short frame, and few who look at Rexus’s roguish good looks and smoldering eyes, see the wild-haired tomboy he once was. A variety of alchemical concoctions has minimized his feminine traits and allowed Rexus to grow into manhood as any young man would. Though raised on a refined diet, Rexus adores the many foreign foods found throughout Kintargo and uses any excuse to visit Jarvis End—staring down the most unusual foreign delicacies and lowbrow street meats with equal courage.

Rexus Victocora

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